UV Ultra violet Water Disinfection Treatment Steriliser System Aqualight PV2

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AquaLight PUV PV-2 is a high quality Ultra-Violet water disinfection unit, for domestic and commercial use. The unit has all the features expected of a high specification system, and includes standard UK BSP plumbing connections and bulb alarm.

The UV Bulb is made in the USA and has an expected life of 10,000 hours, which is well in excess of a year! The system has an earthing strap connected to the stainless steel reactor, and it complies with the latest electrical safety regulations

We also stock a comprehensive range of all spare parts, replacement bulbs, quartz tubes, sealing rings, ballasts, gland sealing nuts, end sealing nuts and all other small parts.

Please be aware that this unit is not suitable for domestic house use, as the inlets and outlets are too small. This system is ideally used as a post-filtration unit found in dental surgeries and aquariums.

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Benefits of using UV disinfection systems

  • Ultraviolet (UV-C rays/253.7nm) water disinfection system is a unique and rapid method of water disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals to effectively destroy Bacteria, Virus, Mould & Algae.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light treatment is a widely recognised and proven method of disinfection of water and has several advantages over other disinfection methods such as chlorination, ozonisation etc.
  • UV light does not add anything to the water, such as undesirable colour, odour, taste or flavour, nor does it generate harmful byproducts. It adds only energy in the form of ultraviolet radiation. Also UV disinfection requires only a fraction of the contact times required by other disinfection methods.
  • It is a fast, effective, economical and environmentally friendly.
General Information
  • Flow rate; 7.5 litres per min/1.84 UK gpm (0.5m^3/Hr)
  • Inlet/Outlet connections: 1/4" MBSP
  • Supplied with detachable 1.8m power lead fitted with standard UK Electrical Plug
  • Electronic Ballast
  • Audible Lamp Alarm
  • Secure plastic mounting clips.
  • Compact UV systems require minimum installation space
  • Safe disinfection with low operating costs
  • Simple maintenance without tools
  • UV lamp can be replaced without interrupting the water flow
  • 14W Bulb
  • Quality quartz low-pressure germicidal lamp (10,000 hours rated life)
  • Reactor Earthing Connection
  • Input power BAP4022: 220V/ 50-60Hz
  • CE Certification
  • Dimensions 36cm x 6.5cm (14" x 2.5")
  • FBSP = Female BSP thread, MBSP = Male BSP thread, BSP threads are standard UK plumbing fittings to facilitate simple water connections

This is a high specification unit that is designed to last. The reactor comes with a 2 year guarantee an the ballast 1yr guarantee.Replacement bulbs & all spare parts are in stock at thewatersite warehouse here in the UK. This UV light is in stock in our own warehouse and we ship immediately every working day. 


  • 4-Log (99.99%) Reduction in bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts
  • Double open reactor chamber, with Aluminium nuts
  • Electro-Polished 304SS Reactor Chamber
  • Grounding Wire Construction
  • Installation: Vertical or Horizontal
  • Lamp Operating Indicator
  • Audible Alarm
  • Compact Design, Easy for Installation
  • One Lamp Operation ~ Modern Lamp Design
  • Advantages: Effective, Economical, Safe Fast & Easy, Automatic & Chemical Free
  • Applications: Drinking Water, Food Processing, Medical, & Industrial Use.

Technical Information

  • Operating Pressure 125 psi (8.62 bar)
  • Ambient Water Temperature 2 – 40°C ( 36 - 104°F)
  • Maximum Iron <0.3ppm
  • Maximum Hardness: < 7 gpg (120 mg/L)
  • Maximum Turbidity: < 1 NTU
  • Transmittance: > 75%
  • Ultraviolet radiation in the 200-300 nanometer range is extremely effective in killing microorganisms
  • Aqualight low-pressure mercury-arc germicidal lamps are specially designed to produce the highest amount of UV radiation- typically about 90% of the total energy is at 253.7nm
  • Lamp Tube Diameter 15mm, 10,000hrs rated life, 254nm Wavelength.
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