Aquacrest AQU-C82 Multi-Stage Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge to replace Franke 02 Triflow, Uniflow

Multi-Stage Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge to fit Franke 02, Triflow, Uniflow, FRX01, FRX02, FR9454, FR9455, Doulton M15 Supercarb, M15 Ultracarb, Carron Phoenix CP9455 Tri-Pure, Dante Kitchen Tap.

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The Aqua Crest AQU-C82 (also known as ceramic water filter candle) is the standard replacement filter cartridge for Franke filtration systems purchased prior to May 2011. Many thousands of users have benefited from the quality water it produces.

The micro-porous ceramic outer shell, together with the hi-tech carbon core combine to provide superior performance across a wide range of possible waterborne contaminants, including harmful bacteria, parasites, cysts, chlorine and sediment.

Water filtration using ceramic naturally occurring raw materials is one of the oldest and most effective methods available. In the natural world, water passes through layers of rock, which acts as a natural filtering process. Our filter emulates this process through multi-stage filter technology, combined into a single ceramic water filter to guarantee superior drinking water.

Once connected, your water supply will flow through our ceramic water filter candle. The exciting and ground-breaking bit happens when the water flows through the tiny, complex ceramic pore structure, providing an effective barrier against waterborne, potentially harmful, contaminants.

Combine the benefits of ceramic and carbon filtration and, and you have a great way to ensure long-lasting, delicious drinking water. Take charge today and harness the benefits of ceramic water filtration.

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