Coarse Filtration

It is essential that there are no visible particulates once the rum has finished barrel ageing, so coarse filtration is necessary after the vatting stage. Once the rum has reached its desired maturity, it is disgorged from the cask and experiences multiple types of filtration. This removes residual particles, typically the char from the burned inside of the cask. Due to the volume of spirit that will need to be filtered, a coarse particle removal stage is required first, then advancing to a smaller micron particle filter. This will allow the large volumes to be filtered quickly before a finer stage of filtration to ensure a char free rum.

Carbon filtration is a technique closely associated with Spanish heritage and has become a staple in the production of white or lighter-coloured rums. The majority of rums, whether white or brown in colour, are barrel aged and thus require a filtration process post-aging to remove any undesirables. Targeted carbon filtration allows for unpleasant flavours and impurities to be removed while retaining the desired flavours in the spirit. It also returns the colour of the spirit to white once it has aged and gained new flavours from the casks.

Treatment Process


Coarse Particle Removal

When source water is particularly dense with large solids, it calls for a solution of filtration to withstand higher flow rates and utilise higher surface areas to rid water of heavily populated particles.


Particle Removal

Our cartridges offer outstanding absorption of sediment, dirt, sand and scale flakes to prevent filtration systems from blockage and microorganism growth.


Chlorine and Organics Removal

Carbon cartridges are a long established choice for the reduction and removal of chlorine, VOCs and heavy metals whilst reducing water hardness.

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