Recirculation Loops

Plating baths are commonly installed with loops of pipework to recirculate water that has been previously used. Recirculation loops increase energy efficiency as pure water does not have to be made for every fill of top up the bath experiences, cutting down costs and decreasing production down time. However, during this cycle, water can become susceptible to particle and organic contamination, meaning stages of filtration are required to bring water back to the quality appropriate for manufacturing.

Achieving this quality of water involves particle removal on multiple levels, first reducing the bulk of the suspended solids and then stepping down to a smaller rated filter for the finer sediment. It will also require a carbon block cartridge to reduce the organics and metal build up within the circulating water. Water expended from the plating bath will have to go through each of these steps of treatment before returning to top up the plating bath.

Treatment Process


Coarse Particle Removal

When source water is particularly dense with large solids, it calls for a solution of filtration to withstand higher flow rates and utilise higher surface areas to rid water of heavily populated particles.


Particle Removal

Our cartridges offer outstanding absorption of sediment, dirt, sand and scale flakes to prevent filtration systems from blockage and microorganism growth.


Chlorine and Organics Removal

Carbon cartridges are a long established choice for the reduction and removal of chlorine, VOCs and heavy metals whilst reducing water hardness.

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