Pure Water Systems

Valeting services for cars, trucks and motorbikes require on demand purified water for initial wash downs, diluting cleaning chemicals and final rinses to leave a spot and streak free shine. The multiple ways in which pure water can be applied within this industry calls for a stable supply that has the ability to regenerate both throughout a day of cleaning and overnight. Water treatment systems boast a superior quality of purity over raw water deionisation due to the efficiency of the reverse osmosis process. These are typically stored in a plant room, where tanks of pure water are filled, ready to be drawn to the point of use through spray nozzles.

The most efficient way of producing this scale of purified water is using a reverse osmosis system, pre treated using particle and chlorine filtration to prolong the service life of the RO membrane. This process will remove ~99% of ions, salts and other contaminants, ready for a final polishing DI resin stage. Deionised water is of ultra pure quality, meaning it attracts contaminants such as dirt to stabilise itself, leaving surfaces without any build up. The use of RO water during deionisation will also prolong the service life of the resin used, saving money and time on resin replacements.

Treatment Process


Particle Removal

Our cartridges offer outstanding absorption of sediment, dirt, sand and scale flakes to prevent filtration systems from blockage and microorganism growth.


Chlorine and Organics Removal

Carbon cartridges are a long established choice for the reduction and removal of chlorine, VOCs and heavy metals whilst reducing water hardness.


Reverse Osmosis

Pure water (permeate)  is produced during reverse osmosis by applying pressure to force water through a semi permeable membrane, leaving a majority of the present ions and dissolved solids on the other side to drain as waste (concentrate).


Post RO Deionisation

Our performance mixed bed resin is specially designed for deionisation directly after reverse osmosis. It holds a 1 : 1.5 ratio of strong acid cations and strong base anions to attract and remove all ions, salts and dissolved solids.



Water storage tanks are fed with purified water to hold, ready to be pulled to the point of use. They also act as the barrier between pure water and outside contamination, removing the risk of spoiled water.

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