Paint Spraying

Paint that is applied via a spray gun or spray cans needs to be treated further than the average tin of paint. This is due to the high pressures and thin nozzles that are used within paint spraying booths, from large scale vehicle spraying to designers and even hobbyists. If this paint is not rid of small particles, the thin tubes are prone to build ups and blockage. This is more important on large operations due to the risk of damaging expensive equipment, or having production down time on a factory line.

To prevent this from occurring, polypropylene spun bonded filters are applied to the paint transport systems just before the point of use. Either being at the filling stations of spray cans, or feeding the tubes in which spray guns pull the product from. A setup laid out like this will be free from particle build up, potential damage to equipment, or a messy clean up job.

Treatment Process


Particle Removal

Our cartridges offer outstanding absorption of sediment, dirt, sand and scale flakes to prevent filtration systems from blockage and microorganism growth.

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