Heavy Organics Control

Hydroponic and aeroponic growth has been proven to be significantly stunted due to exposure to chloramine and heavy metals. Even an hour using trace amounts of these compounds within solutions has been seen to inhibit crop yield. Our premium carbon cartridges are specially designed to absorb these more volatile compounds as a result of using high grade activated carbon and KDF-55 media.

Elevated levels of nitrates in water used for hydroponic & aeroponic applications can cause issues with nutrient imbalances as well as potentially causing a bitter taste within the crop. High levels of fluoride within the water supply can cause issues with yellow leaves and slowed growth. If the level of these contaminants in the water are too high to be resolved using reverse osmosis, additional stages of nitrate removal resin and/or fluoride removal resin are required.

If bacterial contamination is a problem with your source water, ultraviolet sterilisation would be recommended post reverse osmosis to kill and control future growth.

Treatment Process


Chloramine & HMA Removal

Our premium carbon cartridges offer specialised absorption of chloramine and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper, caesium and strontium. When present in source water, these contaminants can cause severe problems liable to all sectors.


Nitrate Removal

Our nitrate removal resin is a strong base anion formula; tailored to suit the removal of nitrate ions from water. The proper mix of physio-chemical properties gives our resin ideal exchange kinetics, making it suitable for nitrate removal in the presence of sulphate and chloride ions.


Fluoride Removal

Our fluoride removal resin is a bespoke formula to target fluoride ions, removing them from water. This resin’s proper mix of physio-chemical properties gives ideal exchange, making it suitable for fluoride removal in the presence of sulphate and chloride ions.


Ultraviolet Sterilisation

Our UV Systems produce light radiation at 253.7 nm, the ideal wavelength to kill and inhibit the growth of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses without any by product or requirement of chemical treatment.

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