Clarification and Stabilisation

The final stage to winemaking is clarification and stabilisation, where filtration plays one of the most important parts in ensuring the clarity and stability of the wine is suitable for it to be bottled. Here any remaining visible particles are removed, as well as ensuring bio-burden reduction before a final sterile filtration stage is carried out. At this stage red wine is subject to a 0.65 micron pleated cartridge filter to avoid affecting its colour, whereas white wine uses a 0.45 micron pleated cartridge filter to ensure a brighter, clearer wine. The result of this final stage filtration process is a polished, fine-tasting wine.

Treatment Process


Particle Removal

Our cartridges offer outstanding absorption of sediment, dirt, sand and scale flakes to prevent filtration systems from blockage and microorganism growth.


Fine Particle Removal

Typically during the finalising stages of water treatment, a finer touch is required to filter out the particulates within water that fall below 1 micron in size. The delicacy of this stage makes it of paramount importance, as the smaller impurities that are harder to remove from water can be some of the most negatively affecting contaminants.

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