Chill Filtration

For whisky’s below 46% ABV, chill filtering is required to prevent the product from becoming hazy in appearance. During the distillation process, naturally occurring fatty esters are produced which clump together and form deposits at low temperatures. When water or ice is added to the whisky, these esters cause it to cloud and become hazy, negatively impacting the aesthetic of the whisky.

To prevent this from occurring, the whisky must be first cooled down pre filtration. It is popular for the temperature to be reduced to between 0 – 4 °C, but some distilleries choose to surpass this down to -10°C to remove any risk of clouding. A tightly knit metallic mesh or paper filters are a typical choice for the whisky to be forced through under pressure to remove the fatty esters.

Treatment Process


Particle Removal

Our cartridges offer outstanding absorption of sediment, dirt, sand and scale flakes to prevent filtration systems from blockage and microorganism growth.

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