Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Pump - 5L per Minute 100PSI

100psI pump 5 litres/min water fed pole window cleaning, private water supplies & fishkeeping applications.

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100psi Vyair pressure pump providing 5 litres per minute flow with a 12v DC operation. Designed for use in pole window cleaning systems. This is a reliable easy to operate pump for the window cleaning industry.

This is a quality pump manufactured by one of the world's leading water pump manufacturers. This pump is designed to give long term consistent reliability. 

Our suppliers realising the vast potential of the European Window Cleaning Market have invested substantial technical and financial resources to produce this quality pump. The pump has both been tested in the factory test laboratory and also here, field tested for many months in a window cleaning environment.

Technical Specification

  • 12 volt 5.8 amps
  • 5 litres per minute open flow rate 100PSI pressure rating
  • 1/2" BSP female fittings supplied also with 1/2" male to barbed hose connection
  • Suitable for use with most pump controllers
  • Pressure switch 100psi turns off 80psi turns back on
  • Suitable for operating one pole of any height with up to 100m of hose.
  • Weight 2.3kgs
  • CE certification & Rohs Compliant
  • 12 months No Quibble service guarantee if used in accordance with designed purpose

Pump care:

Do not run a pump for more than 4 hours continuously.

This is to stop the pump from overheating and becoming damaged.

To achieve this, we would suggest installing some form of timer, so that after 4 hours of operation the pump has a 15-30 minute break. This will enable the pump to cool down.

The warranty for the pump would be null and void if no timer is used. If there is an issue with the pump we would ask for evidence of a timer being used to allow the item to be covered by the warranty.

Do not allow the pump to run dry (without an active water source) as this will damage the pump.

We suggest that the pumps are permanently mounted. This is to stop any potential for the pump to vibrate and become damaged.

We will ask for evidence of how the pump is mounted for the item to be covered by its warranty.

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