4021 Stainless Steel Membrane Housing

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This is a commercial grade, stainless steel 4021 reverse osmosis membrane housing, that is designed for a lifetime of use. The 4021 housing also accepts the smaller 4021 commercial membranes.

Many stainless steel housings being sold in the UK are made from 2 parts (half circles), which are welded in the middle to make a tube and then polished. When you look at the housing you won't see the join, however if your housing gets a knock or a weld fails, water will pour out of the side join. This housing however is made from a single, continuous stainless steel tube, meaning it will never split or suffer from a weak weld.

If you are a window cleaner looking for the ultimate pure water system, we can provide you with all of the parts and the technical knowledge to build your own from quality low cost parts. This housing is of a heavy duty construction and is complete with all fittings to allow you to connect standard 1/2" hose to it.
What's in the box?

  • 4021 stainless steel reverse osmosis housing
  • 2 end cap
  • Seals
  • Three standard 1/2" (12mm) barbed hose fittings
  • End bung
  • Two rubber compound mounting wedges & stainless steel straps bolts

NOTE: Please be aware this is a housing only, and does not include the membrane itself

Technical Specifications

  • 4021 stainless steel reverse osmosis membrane housing that will accept any standard 4021 (4" diameter, 21" length) RO membrane
  • Maximum operating pressure: 300 psi
  • Construction: Continuous stainless steel tube (not two parts welded together)
  • Weight: 4 Kg
  • Ports: 1/2" BSP thread

This item is supplied to us by the AquaBest Corporation, who have appointed Vyair (UK) Limited as their UK distributors. Hence why you are buying from the distributor at money saving prices, without compromising on the quality.

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