3 x 10" Block Carbon Water Filters

3 x 10" CTO block carbon filters. Removes chlorine, organic materials, and some dissolved metals from water.

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CTO carbon 3 pack
Set of three 10" block carbon (CTO) filters for a wide range of pure water based applications. These filters are well engineered and will remove a variety of different contaminants. It will remove organic materials, chlorine, dissolved metals, particulates as well as other potentially hazardous substances.

It is important to know that your filters are made from carbon that has been properly carbonised and activated. This will ensure the maximum removal of dissolved organics, chlorine and a vast range of impurities that quality carbon will remove from water. If you purchase low quality filters, you can have carbon produced from poor quality coal that may introduce a nasty taste to your water. That is why we guarantee our filters as being solely designed for the job.
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