Ex-Demo 3.2 US Gallons (12 Litres) Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis (RO) Storage Tank including Quick-Fit Pressure Valve Tap

Ex-Demo High-quality 12 litre (3.2 US gallon) stainless steel reverse osmosis water storage tank with quick-fit pressure valve tap.

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Ex-Demo - This unit may come in a damaged box and may have slight cosmetic damage or signs of testing, however, this does not affect the performance and is purely cosmetic.

Pressure tanks used with undersink reverse osmosis units are miniature versions of pressure tanks used on residential water wells.

Water is stored in a bladder, made of a material called butyl. When there is a demand for water, the water is pushed out of the tank's bladder by air pressure.

The water you're going to drink doesn't touch the material that the tank is made from. Except for the spout, which is food grade PP on most modern tanks, the water does not touch the tank. The water contacts only the butyl bladder. Butyl has been used for years for RO tanks and well tanks and is regarded as inert.

A standard Schroeder air valve, like the valve on a bicycle or automobile tyre, allows air to both enter and leave the tank. The air valve on different tanks can be found in different places, so you may have to look for it. In some RO tanks, the air valve is located inconveniently on the bottom of the tank.

Our standard RO water tanks offer quality water storage for use with our residential reverse osmosis systems. Constructed from high quality stainless steel, these durable tanks will deliver a continuous and stable supply of purified water at a fast flow rate with high volume suitable for average to large size families. Supported by fully enclosed polypropylene and butyl reservoirs, these storage tanks provide airtight protection against leaks and contamination. Their high-quality connectors ensure leach-free integrity while post-cured diaphragms eliminate the possibility of odours from the tank. Individually pressure-tested for safety, all our tanks are NSF certified and CE approved for materials quality, safety, and durability making them suitable for use anywhere in the world.


  • Made of high quality stainless steel; food grade butylene diaphragm ensures a tasteless and odourless water
  • Water output in one side to save space for installation
  • Prevents pollution in RO water purifier storage
  • Bottom air charge pressure: 5-7 psi
  • High working pressure: 50 psi

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