10" Jumbo ChlorPlus Block Carbon Filter

10" jumbo block carbon ChlorPlus water filter. 

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The CRFC-BB is a 10" jumbo block carbon filter using activated carbon to filter sediment and impurities in your water, specifically targeting chloramine and other organic compounds. Jumbo filters have 4x the filtration capacity of regular 10" filters. Carbon filters do not only work as a mechanical filter (ie a physical barrier that sediment can not pass through), but also absorb organic compounds due to the properties of the activated carbon. This filter can extend membrane life, due to the absence of carbon fines, which are a common by-product of granular carbons.

The ChlorPlus range of filters are specifically designed for aquatic, ornamental fish and whole house systems where you are looking for a long cartridge life and enhanced chloramine and chlorine reduction. The filters contain an innovative type of carbon that is sometimes referred to as catalytic carbon. This carbon has been specially treated in a patented process that dramatically increases filtration capacity.


  • Chlorine reduction 2ppm to 0.5ppm - 1,050,000 litres
  • Chloramine reduction 1ppm to 0.1ppm - 125,000 litres
  • Chloramine reduction 3ppm to 0.5ppm - 45,000 litres
  • 20 micron filtration capacity

What is activated carbon?

Carbon is heated in the absence of oxygen to 540 °C, baking off impurities. The carbon is then activated by treating it with super heated steam to a temperature of 870 C. This heating and treating process creates minute pores and cracks over the surface of the carbon, greatly increasing the surface area. A greater surface area means that a larger amount of carbon is exposed to the water, and the more carbon is exposed, the greater the filtration and absorption potential of the carbon.
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