10" High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Filter Cartridge Set

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10" high capacity reverse osmosis filter cartridge set that works to further remove contaminants from your water.

This set removes a higher number of contaminants that the regular standard set of 10" filters.


10" 5 micron polypropylene PP spun water filter cartridge

  • Removes sediments such as sand, silt, rust and suspended solids

10" 5 micron CTO carbon block filter cartridge

  • Chlorine and organic substances reduction and removal as well as taste and odour improvement

10" high capacity granular activated carbon GAC filter cartridge

  • Efficiently reduce chlorine, organic substances, pesticides and further improve taste and aroma of filtered water

This high capcity filter set is suitable for use with any 10" reverse osmosis or other water filtration system that utilises three pre-filters.

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