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Opella Self Piercing Tap (OPELLA-B)

Opella Self Piercing Tap


This tap will allow you to connect your water filter to your mains supply with the minimum amount of fuss. This self cutting tap will provide you with an isolating tap, with a one way check valve and 3/4" outlet.
 We are one of few supplier that still have this part in stock! Limited Stocks! 
THIS IS SUPPLIED WITH 3/4" BSP TO 1/4"PUSHFIT FITTING this will allow you to connect directly to 1/4" (6mm) water pipe.
This connection will connect to 10mm/12.5mm & 15mm copper pipe. (12.5mm-1/2" tends to be popular fitting in Ireland) 15mm is standard UK copper pipe size


The tap is supplied with 1/4" pushfit fitting to allow you to connect your water filter.IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH LOW WATER PRESSURE THIS CONNECTION WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE MAXIMUM FLOW POSSIBLE.






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